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WiFi is becoming the need of a fast growing world of technology and no public place is being acceptable without WiFi available to stay connected with internet.A home or organization’s wifi network allows its user to stay connected without being bound to a cable internet at any of the devices present over there like smart phones,laptops,digital pads,pcs and it allows files,documents and picture sharing among users so conveniently.We understand that how hectic it can be for you to manage things without a wifi connection so we make it possible for you to stay connected without any downtime or glitches.Most importantly,you need a stable internet connection while updating your devices and it can be harmful for software to get disconnected during installation.Our experts provide you a one-time solution for all your networking needs.Hopewell computers offer a complete range of WiFi services at your doorstep.We are best at;

  •  Setting up new Wifi connection at your home or workplace
  •  Finding the best spot for your wireless router to make sure that you get the best signals
  •  Renaming the network to make it familiar to all family or team members
  •   Setting us a secured connection with a password that is unique but easy to remember,
  •   Configuring all of the devices available to the network.
  •   Setting up a printer to stay connected with all devices to work wirelessly on command
  •   Letting you know the best network usage tips for maximum benefits
  •   Completely supporting for all the queries and issues you might be facing
  •   Guaranteed availability for any new installation further

Our company’s Promises:

  • On-time availability of relevant technician or expert
  • 24/7 support system
  • Most reliable Physical and remote based service
  • Widest coverage area for IT solutions
  • Competitive rates and flexible costing packages
  • Assuring you the best possible way to decrease the downtime
  • Technically qualified team (5+ years’ experience)
  • Recording each and every step while resolving issue
  • Working with complete backup

We make it possible for our clients to reduce the chances of internet failure to avoid any critical scenarios regarding email, backup,monitoring or other network related programs.Making sure to stabilize the IT budget, we assist then to enhance the productivity of their organization or workplace.

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I am quite choosy and lazy while writing a review for any company but Hopewell Computers made me play with my keyboard. I am quite happy with what they have helped me in malware removal. I have tried many companies and even freelancers but Hopewell Computers have taken my work seriously and made me happy I would give those 10 out 10 on communication as well their honesty towards the work.

Jamie Dew

Hopewell Computers has been a savior for me, I had lost all my data and what not was in my data you ask and I have it, but unfortunately, I had lost it all and as I heard about Hopewell Computers I didn’t wait for a second contacting them. They have been extremely helpful and solved my problem within a very short term that too with a very reasonable price. I recommend Hopewell Computers to all my known friends to get their software related issues solved only from Hopewell Computers because they are trustworthy.

Samantha Bowser